Fulfilled by RSA

Keep your stock in Africa by using our warehouse strategically located near local airports

It shortens fulfillment times: guarantee your buyers next-day delivery – and drive more sales!Get all of this without the hassle of establishing a local presence. 

Enjoy waived storage fees, weekly sales and inventory reports as well as inventory management. Relieve your buyers of the burden of international shipping.

We’ll even handle returns for you.

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Benefits to sellers

Easily grow your business in the African region.


Access a new buyer segment

Meet the demand of modern business-to-business buyers who are looking for fast delivery and low minimum order values (MOQs). Fulfilled by RSA makes it viable for you to reach these buyers without committing to the expenses and risks of establishing a local office in a new market.

Quicker sales turnover

Increase your sales with faster and more frequent transactions.

Hassle-free fulfillment

Save time! We manage the sorting, packing, delivery and returns on your behalf.

Free warehousing

Enjoy the first 6 months of storage in our warehouse for free.

Access to RSA customer service

We’re here to help! Rely on our reliable customer support team to quickly respond to and resolve any queries.


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